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Charter Membership

Net Zero Coin obverse

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The Sports Index, Inc. is a ground-level startup and the Charter Member program is a unique way to raise seed capital for expansion. Charter Membership is infinite in duration, never expiring and fully transferable. Great for the general sports fan, business people, and kids to expedite engagement in the stock market. The Sports Index, Inc. president Terry Poulos will personally handle your inquiry and enrollment. Phone 312.848.7020 or email to reserve your seat at the boardroom table!

What You Get

Charter Member Set

Net Zero Coin obverse, depicting a Bull and Bear, stock market metaphors for an up and down market

Limited edition of one thousand Charter Member coin-card sets. A precedent-setting conjoined numismatic (matching serial number on a coin and card). Now in the permanent collection of four museums, including the British Museum, the National Hellenic Museum, the American Numismatic Society, and the American Numismatic Association. Net Zero Coin teaches about the "zero sum game" of the stock market. The mathematical constant, transcendental number Pi is also represented along with a canceling -3.14, rendering the face value exactly zero 

Size: 39 mm (1.534 inch diameter)

Composition: Cooper alloy core, silver bullion mirror proof plating, 24k gold highlights. Reeded edge

Mint: Northwest Territorial Mint (now: Medalcraft Mint, Green Bay, WI) 

Reverse side, Net Zero Coin


Image depicted is of the world's oldest computer, the ancient Antikythera Mechanism (c. 160 BCE). The device was a highly complex 40-geared astronomical calculator which tracked the motions of the five known planets of the era, in addition to solar and lunar eclipses as well as the periodic dates of the ancient Olympic games. Placing a computer on our coin is symbolic of the primary driver of today's economies and the tangential effect on currency spot pricing. A nation's GNP ultimately is reflected in the value of its currency, yet another educational component to Net Zero Coin

Charter Member Card

The $ports Index charter member brass card

Front of the Net Zero Coin solid brass member card. The card's serial number matches the serial number on the coin, making it a "conjoined numismatic." This is yet another world-first innovation of The $ports Index ®. 

Size: 3 and 3/8 inches by 2 and 1/8 inches. 

Composition: Solid die cast brass, 2-tone color. Smooth edge with NWTMint mark 

Minted through Northwest Territorial Mint partners (now: Medalcraft Mint, Green Bay, WI)

The Sports Index, Net Zero Coin stock market, game

Reverse side, Member Card

Reverse of TSI member card

The reverse side matches the Pi symbolism of the coin. Also included, basic information about the company along with a proof mirror finish field intended to mimic a credit card signature field. To determine the rightful holder, simply look in the mirror!

ANA Official Presentation


Video of The Sports Index, Inc. founder Terry Poulos presenting Net Zero Coin at the American Numismatic Association annual "Money Show" in 2016. The title of the presentation was "The Real Value of Money." Announcement in Coin World magazine 

Summary of Charter Membership


1) Coin 

2) Card 

3) Hybrid coin/card clear acrylic holder, another first-of-its kind innovation by The Sports Index, Inc.  

4) Certificate of Authenticity that doubles as a "Bond of Charter Membership," detailing Charter Member rights 


BENEFITS AND POTENTIAL BENEFITS To infinity, Charter Members may employ the title “Charter Member of The Sports Index, Inc.” At the discretion of The Sports Index, Inc., as the company grows it plans to periodically extend privileges and special offers to Charter Members, which may include advance access to future offerings, free or reduced cost for premium content, invites to exclusive events, being publicly acknowledged (with your written permission) and/or promoted on and in other venues, special placement in various online content areas, and more. Charter Members are an asset to the company and as such it is in our own best interest to feature, promote, and reward you as our resources allow

DISCLAIMER & TRANSFER All sales are final and non-refundable. NZC is not “legal tender.“ No warranties are made which infer or obligate any security, equity, dividend, ownership, or future remuneration in or from The Sports Index, Inc. or its associates by virtue of the purchase of any or all items within the Charter Member Set. Physical items become wholly-owned properties of Set Holders and may be freely sold or transferred. “Active member status” must be cleared through The Sports Index, Inc. via signed, written consent from seller and purchaser

Obverse of Net Zero Coin, depicting the most recognizable image of the Antikythera Mechanism