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Conjoined Numismatic Heralds `Net Value’ Currency
Unprecedented coin/card equation accesses “Charter Member” club

Coin and brass card in acrylic holder

Coin and card together in acrylic holder

[DALLAS, TX: MARCH 5, 2016] At the national “Money Show“ on March 5, a history-making coin made the case for a world-first numismatic classification. The educational “Net Zero Coin” (NZC) portends `net value’ denomination by virtue of a first-ever dual-numeric equation. NZC’s factor equals face value zero (+ p 0 -3.14) It’s complemented by a `charter member’ minted brass card which illustrates ‘full-faith-and-credit’ concepts, forging an unprecedented conjoined numismatic Set.

In Dallas, TSI founder/president Terry Poulos appeared at the annual American Numismatic Association “National Money Show” and delivered a “Money Talks” presentation to ANA members and the public on the topic of “The Real Value of Money.”

NZC, along with the first ever true sculpture that commemorates the world’s oldest computer, first debuted at a private event held at the National Hellenic Museum (NHM) in Chicago. NZC has since been accepted into the permanent collection of four museums: The British Museum, NHM, ANA, and ANS.

The ‘net’ concept evolves the traditional single-number currency model (E.g, Ten Cents; 1 Euro). While not legal tender, it contains figurative denomination with an alternative twist on the promissory note paradigm of spot-price international trade fluctuation. This infinite balance between current trading value and face value, itself constitutes yet another type of ‘defacto’ net value.

The Set accesses an exclusive club of repeat innovation. Ownership grants charter status in The Sports Index, Inc., a Chicago-based start-up which previously launched The $ports Index®, the first bellwether stock market composite average of sports-related companies. TSI disseminates financial and editorial content at A digital curriculum and more applications are in concept stage. Though the Set endows no equity, upside value via association with TSI could prove lucrative should TSI and its brands proliferate. Member privileges are codified in a hybrid TSI/NZC “Certificate of Authenticity/Bond of Charter Membership.“

The ornate glyph Pi was selected due to its being the most recognized symbol in math. Additionally, being random and infinite, it’s the ideal emblem for value fluctuation. The Obverse features a bull and bear, metaphors for the stock market‘s “zero sum game.” The Reverse honors one of the primary drivers of value for modern legal tender, GNP. All else being equal (E.g, natural resources, skilled labor force, business execution), the tipping point for true currency value is innovation and technology. NZC reflects this paradigm by commemorating a device commonly referred to as the world’s oldest computer, the Antikythera Mechanism (c. 205 BC). Esoteric glyphs are inscribed on the coin, card and sculpture, clues to a mathematical and scientific riddle.

A maximum 1000 Series A Limited Edition Sets are authorized. The coin has a copper alloy core, silver bullion proof plating, and 24k gold highlights. The coin was manufactured by Northwest Territorial Mint. The die-cast brass card was manufactured through NWTMint. Codes and clues permeate throughout, price no exception. The coin, card, certificate and charter membership, and custom acrylic holder total (post-tax) $157 (half of 314).

Obverse side of coin featuring the famous Bull/Bear stock market image, the coin's precedent-setting equation, and a proprietary representation of zero, the purported "face value" of the numismatic

Obverse side of coin featuring the famous Bull/Bear stock market image, the coin’s precedent-setting equation, and a proprietary representation of zero, the purported “face value” of the numismatic

Reverse side of coin, featuring the ancient Antikythera Mechanism (est. 205 BC), commonly referred to as "the world's oldest computer"

Reverse side of coin, featuring the ancient Antikythera Mechanism (est. 205 BC), commonly referred to as “the world’s oldest computer










COIN SPECS Size 39mm or 1.534 inches. Composition: Cooper alloy core, silver bullion proof plating, 24k gold highlights. Reeded edge with no mark

CARD SPECS Size 3 & 3/8 inches by 2 & 1/8 inches. Composition: Solid die cast brass, 2-tone color. Smooth edge with NWTMint mark

BOND OF CHARTER MEMBERSHIP The “Certificate of Authenticity” doubles as a “Bond of Charter Membership,” entitling Holders to employ the title “Charter Member of The Sports Index, Inc.” As it grows, TSI will consider additional member benefits. Purchasing a Set means being in on the ground floor of a company with an exciting new business model and one with a track record of repeat innovation. To our knowledge, the hybrid certificate/bond is yet another first, a certificate of authenticity in conjunction with a charter membership authorization. Further, serial numbers assigned to Charter Member cards will forever be designated as the official “member number” for all members, meaning Charter Member #0002 (for example) will also be considered “Member #2” at such time TSI may choose to open general membership to the public at large. It should be noted, however, that there shall never be more than 1,000 total Series A Sets, and thus no more than 1,000 total charter members.

BENEFITS AND POTENTIAL BENEFITS To infinity, Charter Members may employ the title “Charter Member of The Sports Index, Inc.” At the discretion of The Sports Index, Inc., as the company grows it plans to periodically extend privileges and special offers to Charter Members, which may or may not include any of the following: Advance access to future offerings, free or reduced cost for premium content, invites to exclusive gatherings, being publicly acknowledged and promoted on, special placement in various online content areas, and more. While the company does not guarantee said future benefits, if at such time TSI should prosper, there are sure to be benefits that follow. We value our Charter Members as assets and as such it is in our own best interest to feature, promote, and reward them at best our abilities and resources allow.

DISCLAIMER & TRANSFER All sales are final and non-refundable. NZC is not “legal tender.“ No warranties are made which infer or obligate any security, equity, dividend, ownership, or future remuneration in or from TSI or its associates by virtue of the purchase of any or all items within the Set. Physical items become wholly-owned properties of Set Holders and may be freely sold or transferred. “Active member status,” however, must be cleared through TSI via signed, written consent of both seller and purchaser. The Company reserves the right to revoke active member status should it deem any member not in compliance with TSI policies.

COIN CODE NARRATIVE: Zero, Pi, Infinity, a computer, a coin, a sculpture, and Archimedes

The ornate glyph Pi is the most universally-recognized symbol in math, vital to measuring curvilinear objects (E.g, coins, zeros) and integral to computer algorithms. Labeled `irrational’ due to an infinite random decimal expansion, Pi has obsessed the world’s greatest minds for millennia.

The Antikythera Mechanism (c.205 BC) was an analog astronomical calculator and quantum-leap innovation for its day, with a technological complexity lost to mankind for 1500 years. Its equal was not witnessed until after the Renaissance. The artifact is permanently housed at the National Archeological Museum of Greece. For 2000 years, it sat in a shipwreck 60 meters deep near the coast of Antikythera island. It was discovered in 1900 AD. Recent findings reveal a link to legendary Greek mathematician/astronomer/inventor Archimedes of Syracuse (c. 287-212 BC).

Archimedes invented the pulley, lever, water screw, and weapons of war, but his true genius was math. He was first to measure volume (his “Eureka!” moment) and first to gauge circumference and area of curvilinear objects, using that same “squaring the circle“ geometric method to calculate Pi to the second decimal expansion – essentially performing calculus a millennia before its invention. So revered, his image adorns the Fields Medal, the `Nobel of Mathematics.’ Among his treatises are “On the Sphere and Cylinder” and “On The Method of Mechanical Theorems.”

Consisting of 30 or more concentric and interlocking gears, assembling the Antikithera Mechanism would have required meticulous application of Pi and intimate applied knowledge of mechanical instrumentation, differential math, and astronomy. The hand-cranked device tracked movement of celestial bodies, calculated orbits and procession of the equinox, accounted for leap years and Earth’s wobble, and predicted eclipses 18 years into the future, to the hour.

When discovered, the shipwreck constituted the richest-ever haul of Bronze-age artifacts the world had ever seen. Finds included priceless bronze and marble statues – and coins. Later discovered was the Archimedes Palimpsest. New insight suggests this Byzantine-era manuscript may indeed be `the hand of Archimedes himself.’ At worst, a meticulously verbatim copy of his work. In 1999, the palimpsest sold at auction for $2 million. In the 2000’s, cutting-edge imaging techniques brought the decrepit pages back to life, making world-wide headlines.

Connecting Archimedes with the Antikythera Mechanism through the coin and a sculpture (the world’s first true sculpture of the world’s oldest computer) is prescient, and the timing impeccable. In November 2014, a new study made more global headlines by re-dating the device to c.205 BC, within an infinitesimal error percentage of Archimedes’ life. He has already been mentioned as the most probable inventor in “Decoding The Heavens,” the definitive book on the device. The new study reveals inscriptions written in Koine Greek with a 205 calendar epoch. The shipwreck was surveyed October 2014 using a cutting-edge underwater spacesuit. Divers return in Spring 2016.

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